Things Every Budding Content Writer Must Know

There are millions of people out there who want to be the next bestselling author, but did you know that some successful people were once freelancers? Well, Stephen King and Nathaniel Hawthorne both wouldn’t be well-acclaimed if they didn’t work hard as freelance writers. Imagine, if young King was born in the Information Age, he might be just one of the people who work online as a freelance content writer? How cool would that be? What is content writing, anyway?

Feature writing is for magazines, editorials are for columns and as for content writing, it is mainly designed for online marketing. Simply, it is a way of writing that mainly targets a certain audience. Content writing is usually seen on newsletters, web page contents, blogs, catalogs, internet advertisements, per se. This causes writers to be in great demand nowadays, since most companies hire freelancers instead of assigning the writing job to their employees.

Content writerContent writing is so convenient and flexible. Sometimes, companies give you the privilege to choose the kind of content and topic you want to work with, though there are still cases when you are assigned on a specific subject to write about.

If you are currently in a public place, look around. You may probably see people indulged on their laptops and phones, right? Well, guess what, at least one of those people is a web writer! A content writer can work everywhere. He can work in cafes, benches, libraries, malls, even in bowling alleys. He can also be an instructor, parent, student (though some firms require an attainment of a college degree), accountant, or a cashier who puts his creative mind to work and earns money by just using his writing skill.

You can be a full time or a part-time writer

It is up to you whether to commit on a part-time or a full-time writing job. Household moms usually work full-time while still performing daily household chores and taking care of their kids. Students, on the other hand, prefer writing on their spare time. This just shows that unlike other workers, you can decide when and where you will work and earn; hence, you are your own boss. You don’t have to work with a supervisor or a boss, who will push you to accomplish something.

Writer’s block?

Writer’s block is probably one of the worst nightmares of writers, even famous and professional ones, but it is possible to combat this challenge through reading. Reading is the source of information and power; it is like fiber and protein in our body that enables us to do well. Without reading, any writer would have a brain filled with useless train of thoughts.


Content writing offers not just jobs, but also a massive roster of hungry competitors. If you’re up for that then good for you! However, if you’re like others whose not that esteemed in showcasing their talent yet then don’t fret! There are still sites out there that give opportunities to those who can’t keep up with competition, especially if they are still new in the industry. However, remember that most high paying content writing services always set one. Picture yourself winning a bid; wouldn’t that make you feel better as a writer? It’s the wage you’re actually fighting for and sometimes, it is worth the fight.

Based on your expertise

Since you control what you write, you probably would work based on your interest. If you’re like most writers who would prefer to be a slump until they spot the “right” topic, then money will not always fill your pocket. In order to be a successful content writer, you must choose or bid on any topics whether it is in or out of your expertise. There’s nothing a research couldn’t do right? In addition, there are tons of companies that only hire writers who are interested in their specified field like art, photography, academics, sports, and other content associated with them.

A content writer works hard

Even though you’re the boss and you pick your own schedule, you still have to deal with strict instructions and catch up with tight deadlines, revisions and rejections. Don’t forget the tight biddings from other clients. Being a web writer is no joke because it does not only involve keeping your bank account alive, but it also means establishing your credibility as a writer. If the clients see your work flawlessly and you meet every deadline, they may just give you additional work with higher payment.

The average annual salary of a content writer actually varies depending on the company where he works, but statistics show that the mean wage of a writer ranges from $32,000 to $64,000 per year. There are companies that offer $0.10 per word on every article; others pay $10-$30 for every 1000-5000 word content. A new writer, though will not have this annual wage instantly, especially if he does not write regularly.

If you are one of the budding writers out there, then give yourself a pat in the back for your hard work. Content writing is a matter of self-productivity and discipline. It is a stepping stone to a lot of opportunities. Some people actually use it not just to earn money, but also to train themselves to be a better writer and hopefully be the next bestselling author someday.

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How to Purchase Commercial Long Island Real Estate

If you want to invest in commercial Long Island real estate, you need to know the most practical and most effective way to do it. It may not be sufficient for you to just have the capital to purchase the real estate. For you to make sure your money goes into something worthwhile, you must understand first the advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate.

Without doubt, buying property can be a great investment for your personal or business needs. This is particularly true if you choose to buy the property for your own use to avoid the cost of rental and other things to sort out.

Real EstateHowever, as a smart investor, you must be aware of the specific factors before you can buy anything, including your business or personal financial status. Only after careful consideration can you determine if the investment can have significant returns.

Here are several factors to consider before you buy commercial Long Island real estate:

1.Study the Advantages and Disadvantages.

First study the advantages and compare them to the disadvantages of purchasing property. An advantage is certain if you have considerable maximum investment compared to the leasing returns that can be minimal. It is also possible to claim property depreciation on the taxes if your company has significant revenues. Bear in mind that acquiring added properties will improve the appreciation of your assets in time, and this could result in the equity growth of the company.

2.Consult Professional Realtors

Investing in commercial real estate could be a risky business so you certainly need to consult with professionals for expert recommendations. Begin by consulting with a realtor or a mortgage broker to determine your current investment status. Be sure to find not only a professional but someone that you can trust and provide you with information on contracts, funding, potential commercial real estate properties for sale, and all the financial alternatives available.

3.Select the Property You Want to Buy

There are numerous things to consider when searching for commercial real estate. Among them are location, condition, and accessibility. Be sure to find out if there are area restrictions on the existence of such real estate.

4.Search for Reliable Financing

More often than not, purchasing a property will require a down payment. Before you even apply for mortgage, make certain that you have sufficient money to pay for the upfront fees. Additionally, you need to prove you have a stable source of income to pay mortgage regularly.

5.Purchase the Long Island Real Estate

Usually, you need to review the sales agreement to know your obligations and rights. Make certain that you have a lawyer to guide you through the details of the agreement particularly those that you might not understand. Purchasing property is a crucial decision so you need to read the fine print before finally making the purchase.

All About Custom Military Coins

Custom Military CoinsHave you ever heard of custom coins? They come in various kinds, such as firefighter custom coins, coins to represent prestigious companies, and more. However, these coins are more commonly used in the military. Learn more about military custom coins.

Service members pay a great deal of importance to military coins. They take pride in their achievements and share the story on how they achieved these coins.Custom military coins are known in various names. They are classified as unit, medallion, challenge, and commander’s coin. Whatever the name is, these coins are familiar to everyone in the service unit. The United States Armed Forces carry these coins to represent their oneness and strong brotherhood.

During the times of the first World War, military coins were medallions that were used as symbols of membership in a certain squadron. They challenged each other in exchange for a round of drinks.Nowadays, they are designed with the logo or insignia of the unit and are given to military or soldiers after battle or after accomplishing important goals. These coins also signify patronage and deep respect to the organization it represents. The coins complete their identities as members of that organization.

As the years go by, advancement in manufacturing technology aided in the production of custom coins. Custom military coins became available in more colors, sizes, and designs. They were completely covered in bronze during the first World War, while today, they come in gold, silver, bronze, and many other shades. The logos can be colored and they can be made into key chains or presented in boxes, leather, velvet or transparent cases. The name of the member of the service unit can even be engraved on the coin to make it more personal. Some have three-dimensional images on them.

Custom Military CoinTraditionally, custom military coins are presented through a special handshake. No ceremonies, programs, or press conferences. The handshakes are simple, discreet, and hard to capture. Once a photographer captures the awarding of a coin, he would consider it as an achievement he can brag.

The presidents of countries give the highest-ranking coins, the ones awed and dreamed of by all military officials and members. President Barack Obama, former president George W. Bush, and former president Bill Clinton are the American Presidents who used custom coins to welcome diplomats and important guests from other countries. This tradition of welcoming guests, especially those from the military has spread through Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Before, members of the squadron were allowed own only one coin. That is not the case now. Members of the military will have the potential to earn a substantial number of coins as they go through their duties. Some get awarded after graduation, after battle or after saving the lives of people. In Iraq and Afghanistan, custom military coins are used to welcome war heroes after they return from battle.

The more achievement one makes, the more coins he can get and the greater respect he can earn. From custom military coins, other organizations started to follow the tradition of giving away coins to deserving individuals such as outstanding firefighters, police officers, high-ranking officials and the like.

Whatever the shape, size or color is, what matters more is the reason why the coins were awarded. These coins cannot be awarded to just anyone. He needs to earn it by doing something of outstanding value. He needs to be a noble man who can be an honor to his fellow people. These coins have as much value today as they had in the past and as they gain more popularity through media awareness, their significance continues to be known worldwide.

The Business of a Motivational Speaker

The fact that motivational speaking is not just a passion but also a career, motivational speakers should know every aspect of getting into the business. How do they earn money? The answer is very simple. They earn money through charging to give speeches. Some other ways include selling digital video discs (DVDs), selling books and speaking at training camps or summits.

Motivational SpeakerSome famous people who are successful in their career engage in motivational speaking to enjoy the lucrative rewards and inspire others. Anyone who wants to be a motivational speaker in the future should understand well the payment structure of the business.

The Speaker Fees

A motivational speaker earns through the speaker fees. These are payments for the speaking projects. The process starts with the negotiation of the motivational speaker with the event sponsor. Some speakers use their websites or blogs to promote and to communicate with their future clients. The rate could be hourly or daily depending on the needs of the clients. Moreover, there are cases in which the speakers negotiate flights and hotel rooms if the event is held in international countries.

Return of Investment

The speaker fees mainly depend on how popular and expert you are in the industry. Some successful speakers can earn up to $5,000 per speaking gig. Motivational speakers can also be keynote speakers. A keynote speaker delivers the keynote address at an event or program like conferences, political conventions or graduations. He reinforces the overall message or sets the tone of the program. Some popular and well-established motivational speakers, a politician or a celebrity for instance, can command as much as $200,000 per speaking engagement. The average range for motivational speakers is between $2,000 to $5,000 per appearance.

Joining Associations

Most speakers would say that joining associations is more beneficial than working alone. Basically, associations help the speakers to market themselves and get referrals. National Speakers Association is the biggest speaking organization that has roughly around 3,400 members. The associations serve as a negotiator of the speaker fees. Moreover, they promote speakers though their website and highlight each speaker’s expertise. Clients use the website to choose which motivational speaker they want considering of course its competency on a specific topic. The placement fee will go to the association and the rest will go to the speaker. Joining an association is really helpful for speakers who are just starting out.

Increase Your Earning Potential

It takes so much hard work, determination and diligence to improve yourself as a speaker. Most beginners in the industry engage in small commitments in rotary clubs and community centers to improve their craft. Also, they join in different organizations, Toastmasters International for instance, to enhance their speaking skills. One way to market yourself is through the use of local advertising and social media. These can give you an exposure and increase your bookings. Lastly, you can also increase your earnings by selling DVDs, CDs, or books.


The job of a motivational speaker is not just about passion. It also has something to do with learning every aspect of the business. A speaker’s income depends on experience, popularity and expertise. Successful speakers in the industry can earn as high as 5,000 dollars per gig. And to be a successful one there some things that you need to do. First is joining different associations. This is a good way to market yourself and get referrals. They will help you to promote on their website. Then, you can also join organizations to gain advanced speaking trainings and improve your craft. Lastly, selling DVDs, CDs or books can help you increase your earnings.

Choosing the Right Storage Containers for your Needs

Whether for business or personal use, it is important to know the right storage containers that you need for storing your office supplies and personal items.

Size and Capacity

There are several sizes available for storage. They come in 20 to 45 feet and there might be some that can measure up to 53 feet. As for the capacity, containers measuring 20-40 feet in length can carry a total load of 30,400 kilograms. Should there be any need for a specific storage, some of the storage companies are open for negotiation with their clients to ensure that their storage requirement is met.


It is important to inform the storage company about the type of things you want to store in the containers. Storage containers have the dry and refrigerated types. Suppose you have books, equipment and furniture to store, let them know that you want the dry ones.

Storage containersRefrigerated containers are mostly a requirement for some businesses that need a temperature controlled environment for their supplies. These refrigerated containers have an interior made of either fiber glass or stainless steel. They are also carefully sealed to ensure good padding and well-controlled temperature.

If this kind of storage is what you need, do not hesitate to discuss with your storage company. They will be able to give you advice on reliability and security of the things you need to stock up.

Customized Containers

As has already mentioned above, even if the storage containers come in specific sizes, you can still request for one that you need. Maybe you need something that can accommodate a big shelf with hundreds of books or a container that can carry heavy equipment. If this is the case, some storage companies allow their clients to make modifications in their containers. If you want to install pipes and lightings inside, do not hesitate telling them because they will be able to do that for you.

Some clients want to personalize the storage container making it look homey. If you need to have shelves installed on the wall for your books and other paper documents that is also something they can work on.

Most importantly, storage of your supplies and personal belongings should be handled with care. Ensure that these containers can guard your items not only against the changing weather but also from burglary. This is something you highly need to consider. A storage container should have heavy duty and high security padlocks to make sure that both doors are tightly sealed.


You also have the option to have these storage containers placed in your own location. If you own a wide space that can hold a 20-40 foot container, you can arrange to have it put up in your location. However, some storage companies highly encourage their clients to have their containers kept in the company’s own storage facilities for better security. This means that everything in the container will be transported and stored in their designated storage locations.

Mode of Transaction. How long are you going to use the containers? You need to plan either to use it for a short period of time (months) or a longer period (years). This way you can determine whether to just rent storage containers or purchase one to avoid high monthly rentals. Not only will you be able to save, you can also take advantage of fully utilizing your containers by installing lighting or shelves inside. Do note that some storage companies do not allow their clients to make alterations in the containers unless they purchase these.

It is also possible to just purchase the container after renting it for a few months.

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Custom Trading Pins – Tips to Remember

Custom trading pins are a great part of sporting events. Traditionally, they are traded during opening ceremonies as a way for the different teams in a tournament to bond and socialize. The uniqueness and collectability of these items makes them great mementos of the sports event. The trading activity is something everyone can participate in, not only the athletes. As such, a lot of people look forward to trading almost as much as they look forward to the actual games.

Custom Trading PinsAs with other collectibles, custom trading pins have their own community. There are many people dedicated to the bartering, buying, and selling of these items. Being serious about trading these pins entails learning about them. Reading up about trading pins and their history is a first step. Once that is done, typical preparations can begin for collecting and trading at an event.

Before going to the actual event, find out about all the teams playing and participating. At the event, the list can be kept with the custom trading pins so that collected pins can be crossed off the list. The first days of the tournament are usually the best days to trade pins as most of the other days are dedicated to the actual games. So it’s actually advantageous to try to do the bulk of the trading during those first days.

Even if the athletes themselves are unavailable, chances are their friends and families are also looking to trade pins. Also, family and friends can be enlisted to help in collecting pins to speed up the process. Being persistent and meticulous are qualities needed in this activity. Once all the desired pins are obtained, it’s a good idea to keep them in a safe place so all that effort does not go to waste.

collecting trading pinsThe end of a tournament is perhaps the second-best time for collecting pins. People are a little more distracted at this time but most of the participants are still in one place. The teams who didn’t place may leave earlier but that is unlikely. The main problem is that the supply of custom trading pins may have run out by this time.

The teams who finish well will naturally have their pins in greater demand so trying to obtain those particular pins may prove to be quite difficult at this time. If the event coverage is relatively localized, keeping a supply of pins handy is probably a good idea since you may run into people who want to trade during the course of a normal day. They might also have their supply of pins with them or in their vehicles.

Of course if all else fails, trading pins can be found online in buy, sell and trade groups. Much like those for any other collectible, the community of trading pin collectors uses the Internet to keep in touch with each other. In fact, these forums are a great way to learn about pins beyond the scope of one’s own collection. However, secondary methods like these will probably mean premium costs in terms of cash or equal-value trades.

The values go up because people will tack on additional cost for having gone to the actual event and obtaining the pins from there.  Of course, rarity is also among the main factors that drive up prices. But buying online may be the only way for a hardcore collector to complete a set of pins that is lacking a few pieces that are very difficult to find. It must be great to score that one last pin for someone who has been searching for a long while.