All About Custom Military Coins

Custom Military CoinsHave you ever heard of custom coins? They come in various kinds, such as firefighter custom coins, coins to represent prestigious companies, and more. However, these coins are more commonly used in the military. Learn more about military custom coins.

Service members pay a great deal of importance to military coins. They take pride in their achievements and share the story on how they achieved these coins.Custom military coins are known in various names. They are classified as unit, medallion, challenge, and commander’s coin. Whatever the name is, these coins are familiar to everyone in the service unit. The United States Armed Forces carry these coins to represent their oneness and strong brotherhood.

During the times of the first World War, military coins were medallions that were used as symbols of membership in a certain squadron. They challenged each other in exchange for a round of drinks.Nowadays, they are designed with the logo or insignia of the unit and are given to military or soldiers after battle or after accomplishing important goals. These coins also signify patronage and deep respect to the organization it represents. The coins complete their identities as members of that organization.

As the years go by, advancement in manufacturing technology aided in the production of custom coins. Custom military coins became available in more colors, sizes, and designs. They were completely covered in bronze during the first World War, while today, they come in gold, silver, bronze, and many other shades. The logos can be colored and they can be made into key chains or presented in boxes, leather, velvet or transparent cases. The name of the member of the service unit can even be engraved on the coin to make it more personal. Some have three-dimensional images on them.

Custom Military CoinTraditionally, custom military coins are presented through a special handshake. No ceremonies, programs, or press conferences. The handshakes are simple, discreet, and hard to capture. Once a photographer captures the awarding of a coin, he would consider it as an achievement he can brag.

The presidents of countries give the highest-ranking coins, the ones awed and dreamed of by all military officials and members. President Barack Obama, former president George W. Bush, and former president Bill Clinton are the American Presidents who used custom coins to welcome diplomats and important guests from other countries. This tradition of welcoming guests, especially those from the military has spread through Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Before, members of the squadron were allowed own only one coin. That is not the case now. Members of the military will have the potential to earn a substantial number of coins as they go through their duties. Some get awarded after graduation, after battle or after saving the lives of people. In Iraq and Afghanistan, custom military coins are used to welcome war heroes after they return from battle.

The more achievement one makes, the more coins he can get and the greater respect he can earn. From custom military coins, other organizations started to follow the tradition of giving away coins to deserving individuals such as outstanding firefighters, police officers, high-ranking officials and the like.

Whatever the shape, size or color is, what matters more is the reason why the coins were awarded. These coins cannot be awarded to just anyone. He needs to earn it by doing something of outstanding value. He needs to be a noble man who can be an honor to his fellow people. These coins have as much value today as they had in the past and as they gain more popularity through media awareness, their significance continues to be known worldwide.