Choosing the Right Storage Containers for your Needs

Whether for business or personal use, it is important to know the right storage containers that you need for storing your office supplies and personal items.

Size and Capacity

There are several sizes available for storage. They come in 20 to 45 feet and there might be some that can measure up to 53 feet. As for the capacity, containers measuring 20-40 feet in length can carry a total load of 30,400 kilograms. Should there be any need for a specific storage, some of the storage companies are open for negotiation with their clients to ensure that their storage requirement is met.


It is important to inform the storage company about the type of things you want to store in the containers. Storage containers have the dry and refrigerated types. Suppose you have books, equipment and furniture to store, let them know that you want the dry ones.

Storage containersRefrigerated containers are mostly a requirement for some businesses that need a temperature controlled environment for their supplies. These refrigerated containers have an interior made of either fiber glass or stainless steel. They are also carefully sealed to ensure good padding and well-controlled temperature.

If this kind of storage is what you need, do not hesitate to discuss with your storage company. They will be able to give you advice on reliability and security of the things you need to stock up.

Customized Containers

As has already mentioned above, even if the storage containers come in specific sizes, you can still request for one that you need. Maybe you need something that can accommodate a big shelf with hundreds of books or a container that can carry heavy equipment. If this is the case, some storage companies allow their clients to make modifications in their containers. If you want to install pipes and lightings inside, do not hesitate telling them because they will be able to do that for you.

Some clients want to personalize the storage container making it look homey. If you need to have shelves installed on the wall for your books and other paper documents that is also something they can work on.

Most importantly, storage of your supplies and personal belongings should be handled with care. Ensure that these containers can guard your items not only against the changing weather but also from burglary. This is something you highly need to consider. A storage container should have heavy duty and high security padlocks to make sure that both doors are tightly sealed.


You also have the option to have these storage containers placed in your own location. If you own a wide space that can hold a 20-40 foot container, you can arrange to have it put up in your location. However, some storage companies highly encourage their clients to have their containers kept in the company’s own storage facilities for better security. This means that everything in the container will be transported and stored in their designated storage locations.

Mode of Transaction. How long are you going to use the containers? You need to plan either to use it for a short period of time (months) or a longer period (years). This way you can determine whether to just rent storage containers or purchase one to avoid high monthly rentals. Not only will you be able to save, you can also take advantage of fully utilizing your containers by installing lighting or shelves inside. Do note that some storage companies do not allow their clients to make alterations in the containers unless they purchase these.

It is also possible to just purchase the container after renting it for a few months.

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