Special Badge Lanyards for Different Professionals

Customers can choose from a wide array of badge lanyards and even design them according to their brand or requirements. However, even without customization, several lanyards seem to be made for specific professionals.To know more about lanyards visit the-lanyard-factory. They have features that will make some tasks more convenient. Therefore, these types of lanyards work more than just holding IDs.

Professionals who can use these special lanyards are the following:
Medical Staff

Badge LanyardsTime is crucial for medical staff, which prompts them to make every necessary item accessible if possible. They find a dual function badge reel as their perfect match. The lanyard has two reels enclosed in one case. One of the reel will hold the ID while the other one has an attached pen. Medical professionals like physicians and nurses need pens at all times because they need to note down their patients’ condition on charts, as well as take note of other important information like patients’ medication.

However, pens are the most commonly lost items for everyone including these professionals. Having these pen-holding reels with their badge lanyards can keep them from losing these items. The pen will retract to its reel and the medical staff won’t lose their pens again unless they lose their IDs, which is impossible because of their lanyard.

The good thing about obtaining this reel is the pen is already included in the attachment. Hence, buyers do not need to look for the pen that will fit the attachment. They are ready to use upon arrival.

Aside from pens, this attachment is also useful for stamps. For some parts of the world, physicians must stamp their professional license numbers on prescriptions. Stamps can be placed on the reel and make them accessible whenever needed.


Teachers are not exempted from wearing their IDs. Nowadays, there are special IDs made for teachers because their designs look very interesting for children through badge reels.

Reels are often available in round or square shapes. However, some providers produce reels in flower and star shapes. They look unique and can be used to keep children engaged in their activities or in the current subject.

Due to curiosity, there’s a chance for children to get these badge lanyards to check their shape or see how the reel works. Since children have high chances of being choked with lanyards, these straps can be equipped with breakaways to prevent choking accidents.

Onsite Workers

Onsite workers will keep them on the site for work like in cases of engineers and construction workers. Many badge lanyards is designed with badge reels paired with bottle openers. This is helpful in case they want to have a short drink after work. No need to look for a Swiss knife just to open their bottled drinks.

Security Personnel

Losing keys is a usual problem for security personnel, regardless if they are working during the day or night. Luckily, for them, some badge reels are useful for keeping keys. This means no need to leave their keys somewhere and end up misplacing them.

Apart from being good key holders, many reels also have included mini-flashlight, which is ideal for security personnel on night duty. Even if they don’t have their flashlight at hand, they can use these mini-flashlights in case of emergency.

Swimming Instructors

Swimming instructors can use special lanyards as indicators for their students’ level. These lanyards are made from medical grade silicone rubber that is waterproof and safe to use. This means children can wear them while swimming.

To prevent accidents brought by lanyards, these lanyards are equipped with breakaways for easy removal in case of accidents. Instructors can use different color for each student for easy identification while in the pool.

Badge lanyards can also be designed according to the professionals using them. Remember, however, that these badges are not available everywhere, but can be considered as great finds for these professionals.