The Business of a Motivational Speaker

The fact that motivational speaking is not just a passion but also a career, motivational speakers should know every aspect of getting into the business. How do they earn money? The answer is very simple. They earn money through charging to give speeches. Some other ways include selling digital video discs (DVDs), selling books and speaking at training camps or summits.

Motivational SpeakerSome famous people who are successful in their career engage in motivational speaking to enjoy the lucrative rewards and inspire others. Anyone who wants to be a motivational speaker in the future should understand well the payment structure of the business.

The Speaker Fees

A motivational speaker earns through the speaker fees. These are payments for the speaking projects. The process starts with the negotiation of the motivational speaker with the event sponsor. Some speakers use their websites or blogs to promote and to communicate with their future clients. The rate could be hourly or daily depending on the needs of the clients. Moreover, there are cases in which the speakers negotiate flights and hotel rooms if the event is held in international countries.

Return of Investment

The speaker fees mainly depend on how popular and expert you are in the industry. Some successful speakers can earn up to $5,000 per speaking gig. Motivational speakers can also be keynote speakers. A keynote speaker delivers the keynote address at an event or program like conferences, political conventions or graduations. He reinforces the overall message or sets the tone of the program. Some popular and well-established motivational speakers, a politician or a celebrity for instance, can command as much as $200,000 per speaking engagement. The average range for motivational speakers is between $2,000 to $5,000 per appearance.

Joining Associations

Most speakers would say that joining associations is more beneficial than working alone. Basically, associations help the speakers to market themselves and get referrals. National Speakers Association is the biggest speaking organization that has roughly around 3,400 members. The associations serve as a negotiator of the speaker fees. Moreover, they promote speakers though their website and highlight each speaker’s expertise. Clients use the website to choose which motivational speaker they want considering of course its competency on a specific topic. The placement fee will go to the association and the rest will go to the speaker. Joining an association is really helpful for speakers who are just starting out.

Increase Your Earning Potential

It takes so much hard work, determination and diligence to improve yourself as a speaker. Most beginners in the industry engage in small commitments in rotary clubs and community centers to improve their craft. Also, they join in different organizations, Toastmasters International for instance, to enhance their speaking skills. One way to market yourself is through the use of local advertising and social media. These can give you an exposure and increase your bookings. Lastly, you can also increase your earnings by selling DVDs, CDs, or books.


The job of a motivational speaker is not just about passion. It also has something to do with learning every aspect of the business. A speaker’s income depends on experience, popularity and expertise. Successful speakers in the industry can earn as high as 5,000 dollars per gig. And to be a successful one there some things that you need to do. First is joining different associations. This is a good way to market yourself and get referrals. They will help you to promote on their website. Then, you can also join organizations to gain advanced speaking trainings and improve your craft. Lastly, selling DVDs, CDs or books can help you increase your earnings.