Things Every Budding Content Writer Must Know

There are millions of people out there who want to be the next bestselling author, but did you know that some successful people were once freelancers? Well, Stephen King and Nathaniel Hawthorne both wouldn’t be well-acclaimed if they didn’t work hard as freelance writers. Imagine, if young King was born in the Information Age, he might be just one of the people who work online as a freelance content writer? How cool would that be? What is content writing, anyway?

Feature writing is for magazines, editorials are for columns and as for content writing, it is mainly designed for online marketing. Simply, it is a way of writing that mainly targets a certain audience. Content writing is usually seen on newsletters, web page contents, blogs, catalogs, internet advertisements, per se. This causes writers to be in great demand nowadays, since most companies hire freelancers instead of assigning the writing job to their employees.

Content writerContent writing is so convenient and flexible. Sometimes, companies give you the privilege to choose the kind of content and topic you want to work with, though there are still cases when you are assigned on a specific subject to write about.

If you are currently in a public place, look around. You may probably see people indulged on their laptops and phones, right? Well, guess what, at least one of those people is a web writer! A content writer can work everywhere. He can work in cafes, benches, libraries, malls, even in bowling alleys. He can also be an instructor, parent, student (though some firms require an attainment of a college degree), accountant, or a cashier who puts his creative mind to work and earns money by just using his writing skill.

You can be a full time or a part-time writer

It is up to you whether to commit on a part-time or a full-time writing job. Household moms usually work full-time while still performing daily household chores and taking care of their kids. Students, on the other hand, prefer writing on their spare time. This just shows that unlike other workers, you can decide when and where you will work and earn; hence, you are your own boss. You don’t have to work with a supervisor or a boss, who will push you to accomplish something.

Writer’s block?

Writer’s block is probably one of the worst nightmares of writers, even famous and professional ones, but it is possible to combat this challenge through reading. Reading is the source of information and power; it is like fiber and protein in our body that enables us to do well. Without reading, any writer would have a brain filled with useless train of thoughts.


Content writing offers not just jobs, but also a massive roster of hungry competitors. If you’re up for that then good for you! However, if you’re like others whose not that esteemed in showcasing their talent yet then don’t fret! There are still sites out there that give opportunities to those who can’t keep up with competition, especially if they are still new in the industry. However, remember that most high paying content writing services always set one. Picture yourself winning a bid; wouldn’t that make you feel better as a writer? It’s the wage you’re actually fighting for and sometimes, it is worth the fight.

Based on your expertise

Since you control what you write, you probably would work based on your interest. If you’re like most writers who would prefer to be a slump until they spot the “right” topic, then money will not always fill your pocket. In order to be a successful content writer, you must choose or bid on any topics whether it is in or out of your expertise. There’s nothing a research couldn’t do right? In addition, there are tons of companies that only hire writers who are interested in their specified field like art, photography, academics, sports, and other content associated with them.

A content writer works hard

Even though you’re the boss and you pick your own schedule, you still have to deal with strict instructions and catch up with tight deadlines, revisions and rejections. Don’t forget the tight biddings from other clients. Being a web writer is no joke because it does not only involve keeping your bank account alive, but it also means establishing your credibility as a writer. If the clients see your work flawlessly and you meet every deadline, they may just give you additional work with higher payment.

The average annual salary of a content writer actually varies depending on the company where he works, but statistics show that the mean wage of a writer ranges from $32,000 to $64,000 per year. There are companies that offer $0.10 per word on every article; others pay $10-$30 for every 1000-5000 word content. A new writer, though will not have this annual wage instantly, especially if he does not write regularly.

If you are one of the budding writers out there, then give yourself a pat in the back for your hard work. Content writing is a matter of self-productivity and discipline. It is a stepping stone to a lot of opportunities. Some people actually use it not just to earn money, but also to train themselves to be a better writer and hopefully be the next bestselling author someday.

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