Uses of Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are highly durable and customizable. For as low as 15 cents, you can buy a wristband–complete with embossed or debossed letterings– from an online store. Bulk orders are also possible. You might ask why some people purchase bulks of wristbands. The reasons vary and that only entails that wristbands have different uses.

The most common of these uses are as follows:
Promote/Support a Cause

Non-government organizations are one of the top bulk buyers of wristbands. After all, wristbands are inexpensive way to show and attract support for their advocacies. Wristbands used for some causes can help in disseminating information about the causes as well. Take wristbands for AIDS awareness as an example.

Information about AIDS are all over the Internet but looking for them and reading them starts with curiosity or interest. That’s when awareness wristbands become useful. Seeing someone who wears a wristband for an advocacy might struck another person’s curiosity.

Brand Awareness

Aside from NGOs, companies of all sizes–and even institutions such as schools– take advantage of low-cost rubber bracelets for brand awareness. These are worn by employees and given to customers, clients and applicants. It can be used to elicit pride and solidarity among the employees; at the same time, make the company more appealing to prospects and job-hunters.

Event Admission

Some event organizers also distribute wristbands to guests, whether they are V.I.P. or not. The wristbands serve as identification needed for admission to the events. Event wristbands are used as souvenirs by fans as well, especially if the event is about their favorite personalities. Furthermore, these wristbands may be used as admission for amenities as well as for additional freebies.


rubber braceletsPersonalized rubber bracelets can be used as identification for yourself, children, pets, personal items (such as bags and suitcases) and even plants. In hospitals and other medical institutions, wristbands are traditionally used to identify patients with Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders. Other patients, regardless of their condition, wear a non-rubber wristband for identification as well.

If you are going somewhere with children, you might want to let them wear wristbands that contain your contact information. Just in case they got separated from you, the person/s who found them can easily reach you.

For children and pets, there are smaller wristbands that fit their hands (for children) and body parts (for animals). This way, they will not easily lose the wristbands. Wristbands for pets are mainly used for gender identification but these can also be used for personal identification of each pet.

Wristbands are worn by the staff of catering events, too. These days, it’s so easy to copy the uniform of any of the catering staff to an event. To distinguish the real catering personnel against con artists without compromising their uniform, the former can wear customized wristbands.

Lifeguards in resort may also use wristbands to identify those who cannot swim. Wristbands are used this way because they are waterproof and visible even from afar.


Selling wristbands can be a profitable fundraising activity. Bulk purchases of non-customized wristbands are cheap but fundraisers may re-sell individual wristbands twice or thrice the original price for each piece. However, they should first find a strategic place to sell these items. Places and events that are flocked by children and teens alike are the best places to sell wristbands.


Rubber bracelets are popular among teens as a fashion accessory. Brightly colored wristbands are well-loved by fun-loving teens. There are also black wristbands with punk design for the emo-type of teens. For them, wristbands are a way for them to express themselves and enhance the image they want to project.

Keychain bands include a standard sized wristband in your choice of color and style. The bands can be silk screened wristbands, debossed, or embossed and can also have swirled or segmented colors.